Warden is packed with a lot of cool features. You can make use of the already existing watchers and integrations or even create your own quite easily.
In addition to that, you can organize your monitoring workspace and get insights into the real time statistics and historical data via the Web Panel.

Open source & cross-platform

Browse the solution, play with source code, create a fork of the repository or even make your own Warden. This library has been built for you, to provide a free alternative to the paid monitoring services.

Effortless monitoring

Create your own monitoring service with just a few lines of code. Never miss again any possible system failure or downtime that costs money. Collect the custom data and build your own metrics.

Convention over configuration

Use the fluent API to quickly define a set of so called watchers responsible for monitoring the resources. Add integrations with external services like SendGrid or custom HTTP API to get instantly notified.

Real time statistics

Make use of the hooks (callbacks) and define your own methods that will consume the data. Get notifications exactly when some failure happens. Collect the data for further processing and statistics.

Web Panel UI with Dashboard

Create an account, setup a team and monitoring workspace within an organization, observe the statistics in real time by using the dashboard and store the historical data in the database.

Extendable & customizable

Want to integrate with an external service or monitor a specific resource? Create your own Watcher. Warden provides a set of basic interfaces that can be easily implemented and added to the pipeline.

Screencast #1 - project introduction and application example

Watch a screencast in which I describe the core concepts of the Warden library and provide an example of a console application.

Screencast #2 - Web Panel presentation

Watch a screencast in which I present the Web Panel interface that will help you to visualize what's happening in your system that is being monitored.


Below you can see the list of all available projects and their current cross-platform capabilities.

Project NuGet package .NET 4.6.1 DotNet 5.6 Comment
Warden Core Warden + +
Disk Watcher Warden.Watchers.Disk + +
MongoDB Watcher Warden.Watchers.MongoDb + +
MS SQL Watcher Warden.Watchers.MsSql + +
Performance Watcher Warden.Watchers.Performance + - PerformanceCounter not compatible
Process Watcher Warden.Watchers.Process + +
Redis Watcher Warden.Watchers.Redis + +
Server Watcher Warden.Watchers.Server + - System.Net.Sockets not compatible
Web Watcher Warden.Watchers.Web + +
SSL Watcher (3rd party) Warden.Watchers.SSL + +
Azure Storage Watcher (3rd party) Warden.Watchers.AzureStorage + +
Azure Service Bus Watcher (3rd party) Warden.Watchers.AzureServiceBus + - Service bus library not compatible
Cachet Integration Warden.Integrations.Cachet + +
HTTP API Integration Warden.Integrations.HttpApi + +
MS SQL Integration Warden.Integrations.MsSql + +
Slack Integration Warden.Integrations.Slack + +
SendGrid Integration Warden.Integrations.SendGrid + +
Twilio Integration Warden.Integrations.Twilio + - Twilio not compatible
Seq Integration Warden.Integrations.Seq + +
Web Panel n/a + - Some external libs are not compatible (e.g. MongoDB Driver)